Having worked for XL Leisure Group/Travel City Direct for few years, I have broadened up my horizons in the art of creative and business traveling.  Although prior to this, I have more than 10 years of experience in the field of customer service related environment and call centers working for various industries such as the travel and tour operator, airline, banking, finance company, hotel and catering and telecommunications managed to work in different areas in the Hotel, Travel Agency, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and other various offices where customer satisfaction is the main focus of the business. My main strengths and qualities are flexibility, loyalty, determination and enthusiasm. I have an excellent persuasion and communication skills. Throughout my entire career I have developed a reputation as a hard worker, reliable staff, cooperative team member and a self-confident communicator. I am an achiever and can handle work at its efficient, well balance and outstanding level of performance. Being pro active in my line of profession has given me the full confidence to achieve my career goal.
My 10 years of experience in the field of customer service related environment and call centers has had given me an enormous opportunity to travel across the world and meet interesting people.
After earning my degree in Tourism, I have traveled extensively to the many exciting cities of the world and learned plethora of intriguing and enigmatic cultures of the world from various people that I have met across my journey, talking about their lifestyles, religions, gourmets, business, money matters, music, entertainment and economy. Having lived in Milan, Italy for several years, I speak fluent Italian as just like my mother tongue, although my ethnic background is from the Philippines. My claim to fame is when I have met the late Mother Teresa of Calcutta when I was doing missionary work in India in the early 90's.
I am also a gourmet and a foodie aficionado. I enjoy cooking and hosting dinners. My insatiable appetite for food is a heritage that goes back in my gene. On a lazy Sunday afternoon if not browsing on the computer, I busy myself in the kitchen, trying on my latest recipe conquest. Growing up in the lovely city of Manila, has had given me a unique kind of perspectives to different cultures and tradition. Coming from a mix-racial origin, I've got my first orientation of foreign culture at such an early age. I am not a computer whiz but loves learning the latest innovation when it comes to web designing. I have created 3 of my websites and I'm into blog writing. My whims when it comes to a salubrious lifestyle, beauty and harmony are stupendous, that I want only the very best. I adore catching-up on Sunday papers. I watch a lot of news, talk shows, soaps, documentaries, films and travel programs. My day begins in the morning with few minutes� meditation, to envisage what I would like to achieve for the rest of the day, whether in the domestic or career front. As the day goes on, I pamper myself with a lavish thought of positive mental attitude.
My love for cooking have prompted me to write my first international cookery book, entitled "I love Cooking"
Throughout my entire working years in the call center, I managed to achieve 95% to 100% test call results on guest/client satisfaction survey and 97% to 100% monthly sales targets for the revenue dept.
My panache in the Italian language has contributed a lot to win some more clients in our dept. Achieving an excellent target on time has always been my priority in whatever task I was been delegated to do.
I�m not a computer whiz but my keen interest in websites and power point slide show has motivated me to create my own personal websites and numerous collections of power point presentation ranging from simple recipe collections to a more sophisticated words of wisdom presentation.
I love challenges and these what makes life too interesting for me. I believe that La Dolce Vita is what we need to keep us going and makes us feel younger all the time.