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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is to raise awareness and concern spec to mums whose children are not so much fond of having something in the morning. I would be sharing some breakfast options daily. Health and Well being should be number one.
Breakfast of the Day:  Breakfast Pinoy ( Filipino Breakfast) known as " Tapsilog". Invigorate your day to an aromatic garlic fried rice, sizzling spicy beef fried or Tapa, grilled sausage or longanisa, sunny side up egg garnish with atchara or papaya pickle, salad and hot sauce! A glass of home made carrot juice and hot chocolate will complement your day!!!
      After a hefty weekend, Monday is always manic day for almost everyone! Why don't you perk yourself with an American Pancake breakfast in syrup with marmalade combined with omelette or scrambled egg cheese with a side dish baked beans. (optional). I'm sure it will beat the blues away and get you going miles.   
Breakfast of the day:  Wake-up to a glorious morning of Brioche (Croissant) and Cappuccino con Panna, an all Italian treat with a twist of mortadella, salami, succo di arancia (orange juice), marmalade or jam, and fruit yogurt. Relax and enjoy as the weekend unfolds. Remembering my happy days in Italy!
Breakfast of the day:  Experience an all time English Breakfast. A breakfast fit for a King and Queen!  Grilled Sausage with  grilled mushrooms  and tomatoes, sunny fried up egg, baked beans and toast on butter and marmalade. Complement  this noble breakfast with an aromatic earl grey tea with milk. Mwahh!!   
   Breakfast of the day: Begin your morning with slices of raisin French toast, a bowl of cereals, banana, healthy homemade carrots juice and large cup of tea. This will sure pamper you to a healthy morning whether at work or at school.  

  It's pasta time folks! Let the flavours of Italy add glitter to your weekend delight. How about this traditional   "Penne alla sugo di pomodoro con basilico e mozzarella" (Pasta Penne with Italian Tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese) Simply Inviting!!!

It's pasta time once again! What we got? Spaghetti alla gamberetti griglia con sugo di pomodoro. (Spaghetti with grilled prawns in tomato sauce) This is my favorite Italian pasta. A real Italian indulgence! Savour its mouth watering flavour and enjoy life to the full!!

My favorite Italian pasta Tagliatelli al ragu or pasta bolognese. The secret to the succulence of the sauce is by adding a half cup of red wine onto the meat sauce and let it cook slowly for 2 hrs, but again if you don't have the time even a 30 min cooking would do you great as long as the seasonings are measured properly. The use of Parmesan cheese makes a lot of difference.

Invigorate your evening with this healthy but simply Italian pasta dish.
Pasta Fussili alla Melanzana pomodoro (Spiral Pasta with Aubergine or eggplant in tomato sauce)

Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with clams) is a classic Italian pasta that captures the heart of many tourists whenever they visit Italy particularly in Venice.  My love affair with pasta dishes actually begun with this dish. When it  comes to pasta, this dish is simply oozing with charisma. This is where my heart is. Should I say; I left my heart in Venice or maybe in Milan?  But it doesn't matter where my heart is, this dish is Simply Yummy!!    


Family meal times means eating pasta at its best. Why don't you try this hefty Pasta Carbonara, a winter warmer to get you going miles? I'm sure it would perk you up!

My intense love affair with the Italian Pasta has blossomed somewhat when I was living in italy. 

Spaghetti con alle cozze. ( Spaghetti with mussels) is one of the most adorable pasta dish that Italy has had ever introduced to the world.  It  is interesting to know despite the rich mouth-watering taste, it is very easy easy to prepare. Creating your own Italian Pasta sauce is an art and skill that once you become adept to their cooking styles, it gives you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. Hmmm! Buona pettito!.. Sempre buon gusto!!    


Baby's Pansit Palabok  (Filipino Spicy Noodles)

This is my very own version of the ever-popular Filipino noodle dish known as Palabok. Our love affair with noodle dishes that have blossomed during our  childhood years will always be there to remind us of our vibrant, exotic and timeless Filipino tradition. Garnish with toasted garlic, hard boiled eggs and spring onions. Drizzle some sesame oil around the sauce to add sparkling glow. Squeeze some lemon juice and its ready to serve. Hmmm, I love it!.  


Sotanghon Guisado (Filipino Cellophane Stir Fry Noodles) This is a wholesome meal in one go. This is something special that we often serve to our family and guests. To give your noodles a chef d' oeuvre taste, ensure that you prepare the stock first by boiling the chicken. Finally squeeze lime over the noodles and sprinkle it with spring onions. This is my all time favorite noodle dish and will always be my number one. Simply the best!!!      

Hmmm. My favourite Cottage Pie! The aristrocracy of British Cuisine is an epoch. Preparing English meals entails good choice of ingredients and time management. Cottage pie is a traditional English dish made with minced meat covered with a mashed potato crust. from beef or lamb. The lamb version is often called shepherd?s pie.Early cookery writers did not use the terms ?cottage pie? and ?shepherd?s pie? and the terms did not appear in recipe books until the late part of the 19th century. From that time, the terms have been used interchangeably, although there is a popular tendency for ?shepherd?s pie? to be used when the meat is mutton or lamb.

I?m sure you will succumb to the irresistible taste of Mexican culinary delights. I have always been an ardent patron of Mexican food the first time I tasted it. The taste of Chicken Fajitas still lingers on from that very first moment. Immerse yourself to the whimsicality of Mexican food. The thriving food culture in Mexico is illustrated in every throng of Mexican eateries. There?s no doubt that the country boasts some of the best cooking in the world

A Festive Treat- B ritish Roast Turkey with stuffings glazed with orange and pineapple sauce. Combined with Traditional Home made Cranberry Sauce topped with mint leaf. The splendid and aromatic smell of turkey being roasted simply adds joie de vivre in one's kitchen. Serve along with roasted potatoes and tossed vegetables. Accentuate the taste by pouring on the gravy. A dish that calls for rejoicing and celebration!

A sparkling  Filipino New Year's Eve treat!  A repertoire of all time great dishes from lumpiang shanghai, Embutido ( Spicy Beef Rolled), Yang Chow Fried Rice, Griled Prawns in beer, Almond Chocolate Cake, Prawn Fritters and Fried chicken!   


Chicken Macaroni Salad.  A special kind of salad creation made from macaroni pasta mixed with shredded boiled chicken breast, raisins, sliced pineapple tidbits, raisins, maionnaise seasoned with salt and sugar to complement a bit of sweet and sour taste but the velevety taste remains. This has become a traditional Filipino festivity food at Christmas. Christmas for me is incomplete without getting to taste this exotic favorite Childhood salad. Oh those good old days! 

My very own creation of Pasta Rigatoni al Ragu (Italian
Rigatoni pasta with meat sauce or ragu) This pasta dish does constitute a full
meal because of the richness of its ingredients. This colorful dish denotes
flamboyant lifestyle among the Italians that I have met when I used to live in
Milan. "Bella Figura" in every sense of the world. This is vibrantly
illustrated in the manner they represent their dish to the world.
Grilled Salmon Steaks with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and squeezedof lemon. Very healthy option, it  takes only  7 minutes to grill the Salmon inc the side dishes. Ensure that the grill is pre-heated to ensure  excellent grill.   
Indulging Raspberry Chocolate Cake
Double-sided Apricot Cake
A favorite festive treat, Chocolate Swirl Cake
Apricot Chocolate Brownie cake topped with icing sugar, raspberry and raspberry sauce.




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