Welcome to Circles of Love

Let's go for an introspective and intellectual treasure hunt this time. It would be an exciting discovery of time to unravel the truth between man and his symbiotic interaction with the world.

From the time you are born into this world, from the time you make your first step, man belong to humanity. As you grow older, your racial bond evolves around within your family and society. With the passage of time, man's earth shattering social and cultural affiliation is manifested through the dimension of time. The complexities of time may have a strong influence in forming human relationship. Individuals are generally haunted by the vastness of eternity and divinity. It transcends within the course of time into more profound affinity and loving relationship forming circles of emotions. This is known as the Circles of love.

Circles of love are reflected in your quotidian rapport with your self, family, friends, classmates, colleagues, neighbors that sums up the overall community and society that you belong. This is the built-in foundation of who you are as a person. Your family is your basic circle of love where you belong. It widens up its features as you grow older and reach different stages of life.   

Every one knows that no man is an island, to survive in this world; you need to be skilled in the art of interdependence. The immensity of intricacies in a human relationship is clearly understood once you get to know your circles of love. Love and hate is immiscible that could lead you into turbulence of time and embroiled life.      

Growing up means understanding and knowing which circles of love do you belong in the circle of time you are in. 

It has different stages of life: from infantile, teenage, adulthood and the age of maturity or reasoning. It does represent kaleidoscopic events in your life.

To give unconditional love is allowing your self to come into circle of love.

In choosing which direction in life to head for could be mind blowing for others unless you know from the start what are your goals in life. As a teenager you could be at the crossroads of time between youth and maturity. By allowing ourselves into the circle of love, it liberates our thoughts from provocative and drastic action that often we regret at times.  The idea of knowing that someone cares for you and someone longs for your affection pre-empts your thoughts of disillusionment and desolation. You feel very important and it boost up your morale as a human being. This is the true essence of human relationship and it would only be realized if you get to know your circle of love.

Get your act now. It is imperative as circle of love reverberates human acceptance and fights human rejection.   



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