Mar 10, 2009


The Gift of Love


Embodiment of Love.  What does love look like? It has hands to help others. It has feet to hasten to the poor and needy. It has eyes to see misery and want. It has ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of humankind. That is what love looks like.


This famous quotation from St Augustine of Hippo (354-430) North Africa has inspired me to create this website focus on love and happiness and self- fulfillment.


The website is called the Gift of Love. This is all about Human aspirations, success and failures, challenges and beliefs, seeking happiness and above all I would like to share with you some of my triumphs as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a career-oriented person.                     

The Gift Of Love is for you to explore the beauty of the world, to appreciate and thank what we have, to communicate goodwill to others, spread friendship to the world and widen the circle of love. Once you find the joy of God therefore you indeed found the gift of love. Is there light at the end of every tunnel?

The answer is yes. By exploring this site, it will give you an enormous opportunity to expand your horizons and reach the deeper end of your life.  My perceptions and views will help you unleash your most hidden emotions Create a magical atmosphere of tranquility and moment of happiness in your life. Innovate yourself to the many exciting recipes for life that I have listed on this site. My travels across to the impoverished and affluent cities of the world will give you a profound thought why there are rich and poor? Rediscover yourself to the art of positive mental attitude. My life has always been an exciting journey full of exciting itineraries and episodes at stake from my teenage life as a student to where destiny has taken me so far. It's a roller coaster ride although somewhere at the end of the tunnel, I found the Gift of Love. Always remember the only way to reach the benevolent Gift of Love is to radiate zest for living despite obstacles that you meet on the road. This is the new epoch of your life, a new beginning. 


Feb. 24, 2007







Life Audit

Life begins the day when you begin to take ownership and control of your own life. This is called the Life Audit; it means a day of reckoning. It is a process where you summarized introspectively all the previous events that occurred in your life from day one. Business wise it is the complete process of stocktaking.  Pragmatically it revolves around the four basic fundamentals of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is simple as that.  Anyone can do it!       


The inherent thought that life is beautiful or life is what you make it is coherence to coexistence. I always believed in the universal law that whatever you do in this world you will reap off the cost of it in the next journey. It means pay back time. The animosity that engulfed the world is a by-product of avaricious thoughts for wealth, fame and supremacy. Nevertheless that the modern times has seen the transfiguration of a new world, still there are many individuals living in desolation and destitution. What lies beneath between life and death is a million dollar question that often seems to be a formidable challenge to us. Time wasted is an opportunity wasted.  The clock is ticking and we are on the fast track for the biggest race on earth. Everybody is a contender. But have we thought what we are really contending for? No. That is to see you're self-happy and alive at the end of each journey. To see the glaring beacon of success, happiness and to experience the nurturing gift of love at the end of the tunnel is the ultimate purpose of life. This is the salary and profit that each of us earns whilst performing our role as a human being on this planet. The antagonism we have for our neighbors and trepidation that we felt each day   are perplexities of modern age. Free yourself from the bondage of these human anxieties at it would only rapture your human relationship and reverberate more perditions and sufferings. Remember Life audit is synonymous with cost and effect that is used by the economists. Every individual has their own shares of rewards and retribution for every action undertaken. This is the ultimate goal of life. This sums up the totality of your well being as an individual. You don't need to pay someone to be your life coach and to do your life audit. Be your own life auditor to understand the test of time and whatever dividends you earned, the credit goes back to you.


Here we go. Ask the following questions? Am I happy? Have I done something good to my fellow men? What accomplishments have I done that brought material and spiritual attainment on me? Am I healthy? Am I blissfully successful with my human relationships? Am I a survivor?

Am I able to give and receive love?  Do I feel in control of everything? Am I spiritually blessed? Am I a starter and a motivator? Do I practice the act of contrition? Do I believe in God? Is my life simple or full of intricacies? Do I consider myself lucky and attractive? How I handle my finances? How do I conduct my daily affairs?  What are my ultimate goals in life?


These questions are very common but the replies vary from different perspectives, your lifestyle would play an important factor as to how you perceived the answers to these.

Your answers to these would enable you to go through with the process of auditing your life. These key questions would provide you the formula for the mathematical calculation of your life. One minute of your life is measured by your perseverance to breath the quality of air around you. An hour of your life is calculated how you attain to your daily tasks in relation to your family, social, school and job related aspects. The extinct of your accomplishment is the product of your entity, you as the person, you as the proprietor of that life. As the time progresses, the over all result of your score, would determined whether you are leading a productive life of love, happiness and success.  It would have a lasting impact towards your utmost individuality.  Remember the moment you decide to audit your life, it would be the day to revivify your self, resurrect you from miseries, emancipate you from lusts and human deceptions. Above all, a 1- minute of happiness added   your life daily is equivalent to 10 years subtracted to your actual age.  Every minute counts; you don't want to grow old before your time comes. Live young forever.      

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